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Imagine Steve Rogers. Attempting to bridge the gap between Steve Rogers-centric headcanon and fanfiction. Imagine Steve and Thor have an ongoing game of testing how ignorant of 21st century/Midgardian tech and culture they can pretend to be before their teammates catch on.</plaintext> avengers endgame avergers chris evans chris evans x reader steve rodgers imagine steve rogers steve rogers x reader steve rogers x you stevebucky winter solider imagine natasha romanoff marvel captain america iron man tony stark thor robert downey junior Chris Hemsworth Anthony mackei steve rogers smut. 3,919 notes.</p> <p>steve rogers fluff steve rogers x reader steve roger imagine 40s!steve chris evans x reader chris evans imagine chris evans one shot chris evans x you chris evans steve rogers x y/n steve rogers x you steve rogers avengers x reader avengers endgame avengers bucky x steve stony tony x steve bucky barnes one shot frank adler x reader captain. imagine a fangirl imagine marvel imagine the 100 imagine once upon a time imagine star wars imagine steve rogers imagine bucky barnes imagine killian jones imagine loki imagine the hunger games imagine bellamy blake imagine david charming imagine anakin skywalker anakin x reader david x reader bellamy x reader peeta x reader bucky barnes x. Read Steve Rogers- Anxiety from the story Marvel Imagines by ewww_people agents » with 5,553 reads. marvel. So many ideas, so little time I cradled my legs. Gone - Steve Rogers INFINITY WAR SPOILERS Request: Imagine you and Steve comforting each other after Bucky disappears You watched, frozen, as Thor tore.</p> <p>Steve Rogers Imagine Requested: Anonymous Imagine: Imagine having to lie to Steve everyday because what you’re doing is top secret. And he finally catches you and. Steve Rogers Imagine. Requested: Anonymous. Imagine: Imagine after a fight, Bucky thought it would be funny if he took you away from Steve’s sight, pulling a little prank on him. And so he takes you away, and than Steve comes home in tears because he thought he lost you. Read Steve Rogers- Nightmares from the story Avengers Imagines by Soul-Reaper with 8,234 reads. ironman, stark, thor. You woke to Steve panting and sweating ne.</p> <p>Steve Rogers Imagine. Requested: Anonymous. Imagine: steve rogers imagine where steve cheats on you and you get furious with him and give him the silent treatment, he is totally unaware that you saw the whole incident happen. he wonders why you’re giving him the silent treatment but you continued to ignore him, he takes you to the store and. 1,970 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘steverogersimagine’ hashtag. University!AU Steve Rogers x Reader. Summary: Everyone knows you and Steve can’t stand each other, but after he runs into you after one of his fights, he starts to see you in a different light. TAGGED: steve rogers steve x reader steve imagine steve fic captain america masterlist steve rogers imagine captain america imagine preference avengers steve rogers fanfic steve rogers/reader steve rogers x reader steve rodgers imagine steve rodgers x reader. keenkiddeputynickel liked this. 02/11/2017 · This video is for fun and since no one did one for Steve and his fight moves I decided to do one. Hope you like it.</p> <p>Steve Rogers Imagine. Requested: @bit-of-a-timelord. Imagine: Might I request an imagine with Steve and reader in which reader is part of the team and after a long time Steve starts to notice that he is falling in love with her but make it angsty like he refuses to admit it. Steve put her into her car-seat and you both decided to go to the Avengers Tower to show everyone the latest edition to the Rogers clan. Marvel Steve Rogers Captain America Steve Rogers x Reader imagine steve rogers Imagine Marvel marvel fanfiction oneshot Tony Stark Clint Barton Wanda Maximoff Pietro Maximoff.</p> <p>Lost Love Steve Rogers x Reader Hello, can you do an imagine, where reader was Bucky’s twin sister in the 1940s and before Steve went under the ice, she admitted she loved him. After their deaths. GHOSTS- STEVE ROGERS IMAGINE So this song is Truce by Twenty One Pilots honestly my favorite song ever link here THIS IS SOOO SAD. 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